Thursday, June 3, 2010

Discovery Networks: Blogs

Discovery Networks: Blogs

Animal Planet: Animal News
Wendee Holtcamp will be blogging daily about news related to animals.

Animal Planet: The Mole
Blogger is Kathy Blumenstock and she will be the ultimate insider to all things APL. Blogging will consist of reviews of shows, sneak peeks at new programs, Q&A with Producers, etc...

Animal Planet: The Daily Treat
Janet McCulley will be blogging and vlogging daily about the latest pet gear and trends.

Animal Planet: Animal Oddities
Blogger is David Mizejewski. He will be blogging about all things unusal in the animal world – from two headed creatures, cryptozoology and more!

Discovery Channel: Dr. Lucy's Patient of the week
World-renowned zoo, wildlife vet and writer for Gorillas in Peril blog, Dr. Lucy Spelman will be highlighting a patient each week from her private practice. She encourages submissions of reactions, ideas and questions.

Discovery Channel: Future Experts Talk
What's in store for us in the very near future? Get the latest on technology developments, straight from the experts, in our blog.

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